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Employee Sponsor Compliance Issue for The Netherlands

Posted by on February 21st 2018 in Blog

Recently ranked as 5th in the HSBC Expat Explorer 2017 list of most beloved countries for expats, the Netherlands is touted as a haven for large, global companies hiring from all over the world. With that global power comes the responsibility for these companies to follow the law in regards to registering their employees properly. However,…


Work Permit Regulation Changes for Poland

Posted by on February 12th 2018 in News

As of 1 January 2018, there have been changes made to work permit regulations in Poland for non-EEA nationals. The specific changes are: Type B permits, which is required for stays longer than 6 months within a year’s period, are now required for a company’s non-EEA national corporate proxy or general partner. Reference letters, diplomas,…


Oman Puts a Freeze on Hiring Expat Workers for 87 Roles

Posted by on February 1st 2018 in News

A six-month ban has been placed, effective immediately, for hiring workers for 87 jobs in Oman. This suspension was brought about by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and will affect all work permits not issued before 29 January 2018. Affected Industries: Information and Technology Accounting and Finance Marketing and Sales Administration and Human Resources Insurance…


Is Blockchain the Next HR Holy Grail?

Posted by on January 31st 2018 in Blog

With the world following cryptocurrencies as if they were celebrities, words like “bitcoin” and “blockchain” have become part of our day to day vocabulary. However, even if these two terms are being uttered on a daily basis, not everyone fully understands the technology behind the madness or how it can transfer over to their industry…


The Netherlands Welcomed 12,686 Jobs in 2017, Thanks to Foreign Investment

Posted by on January 25th 2018 in News

The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) is celebrating the release of their annual publication for the 2017 year, which reported 12,686 additional jobs in the country due to foreign investment. The NFIA, part of the Invest in Holland collective along with the operational unit of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and…


Updated Salary Thresholds for Visa Holders in New Zealand

Posted by on January 19th 2018 in News

As of 15 January 2018, the salary thresholds for Essential Skills visas have changed. The changes made are below. Visa applicants for the Essential Skills visa that earn less than NZD 20.65 per hour will only be eligible for a 12 month work visa. After three work visas, applicants must leave the country for at…


Update for E-Visas in Azerbaijan

Posted by on January 18th 2018 in News

Beginning 12 January 2018, travellers to Azerbaijan that receive visas through the ASAN Viza website will be able to stay for 90 days as opposed to the standard 30 and will now be granted multiple entries. This will be a benefit for those travelling to the country for business that qualify for this new visa.


New Visa Updates for Australia

Posted by on January 17th 2018 in News

As of 11 January 2018, the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA), has made some changes to various visa stipulations for those residing in the country as expatriates. -Same-sex married couples should indicate “spouse” on their visa application forms as opposed to the previous “de facto partner”. -Incomplete 457 visa applications may be refused after…


GDPR- Who is Responsible for Changes in Your Organization?

Posted by on January 12th 2018 in Blog

Since its acceptance in April of 2016, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been looming over the heads of organizations with the clock ticking towards May 2018; the time when penalties start coming into effect. When an organization is faced with a change in regulation that they may not completely understand or will require them…


OECD calls on France to revise and revamp their labour laws

Posted by on January 8th 2018 in News

Recently the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development), an organisation that aims to improve the economic and social well-being status of people around the world, has asked that France “modernise and strengthen the co-ordination of labour immigration in order to attract more foreign talent and align itslef more closely with the needs of the…