Latest News on Brexit

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The latest news and updates on Brexit:

  • Housing prices in London are falling at quickest rate since financial crisis in 2009.
    • According to Acadata, prices fell by 2.6% percent in January in some neighbourhoods. This is thought to be brought on by interest rate hikes from the Bank of England and the slow progress of Brexit negotiations.
  • The updated State of Citizen’s Rights:
    • On 28 February 2018 the EU27 produced a draft of Withdrawal Agreement which said that:
      • EU Citizens who have permanent residence status in the UK before Brexit Day, should not have to exchange this status for “settled status” and will maintain their rights as a permanent residence.
      • EU citizens residing in the UK after Brexit Day can be joined by dependent family members, to whom they are relate at the time of the family application.
      • All EU citizens arriving in the UK during the transition period should have the same rights as those who arrived before Brexit Day and therefore should be covered by the Withdrawal Agreement.
      • UK nationals living in an EU member state on Brexit Day will lose their freedom of movement rights across other EU member states after the transition period.
    • The UK published their own paper policy to respond to the EU27 agreement, saying that:
      • During any transition period, EU citizens and their family members would be able to come to the UK and UK nationals would be able to move to the EU on the same basis that they do today.
      • However, EU citizens arriving in the UK during this period would have to register with the UK authorities if they intend to stay over three months. They could be joined by family members (requiring a minimum earnings threshold of £18,600), and would be able to apply for temporary statues while they accumulate five years residence to qualify for indefinite leave to remain (as opposed to “settled status”) in line with non-EEA citizens currently.
    • This UK counter-offer was rejected by the Brexit Steering Group of the European Parliament on 1 March 2018, saying:
      • “We cannot accept any form of discrimination between EU citizens who arrive before or after the start of any transition. The full European Union acquis must apply during any transition, including citizens, and no differentiation can take place. It can certainly not be the case that EU citizens arriving during any transition are forced to accept a lower standard of rights, in particular those relating to family reunion, child benefits and access to judicial redress via the European Court of Justice.”

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