EMG – Coronavirus update: Business as usual

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At EMG it is business as usual. How come? We daily face new challenges in global mobility. Let me explain why.

First of all, we are with you! Even though COVID-19 has become a worldwide threat, our team is doing its utmost to ensure the wellbeing of your global staff. We follow the recommendations by governments around the globe. The necessary measures that are aiming at spreading the effect of the virus over a more extended period. All to ensure the wellbeing of those affected by it and those that serve the community.

Having said that, for us (EMG), it is still business as usual. For our company ‘as usual’ means that we are used to dealing with all kinds of worldwide emergencies and exceptional situations. In the fast-moving and changing global mobility world, businesses and employees will always need to rely on up-to-date information and professional support to anticipate the unexpected. We are fully aware and prepared, even in the case of (medical) emergencies. Here is how:

  • Guide clients through changes in legislation – both announced as well as unannounced;
  • Make sure that clients employees are put in a safe environment if needed;
  • Take care of the health and wellbeing of our staff. In the current crisis, most of our staff work from home where they can be close to their loved ones.
  • Allow our staff to remain operational, working from home. While working from home, our team has full access to our files (securely stored in the cloud). They have access to our videoconferencing technology and can be reached on their mobile phones and through our office landline.
  • Continue working together as a team. Even though we are working at a distance, we are in constant contact with each other, working on client files and sharing the latest updates.
  • Risk-based assessment of the situation in both acting and thinking. Knowing what the main service threats are is essential to ensure a sufficient global mobility operation. Government agencies may close immediately, may have delays, there may be logistic disruptions, container shortages, hurricanes, so on and so forth;
  • Take all rules, guidelines, restrictions by any government agency seriously. It’s our task to provide clarity and to plan according to the possible and impossible scenarios;

It may sound strange in the context of the current world-lockdowns, but we continuously learn and adapt to deal with disruptions and get the best out of any situation. Adapting to disruptions is part of being a leader in the global mobility business.

So business as usual? Yes, for us, in a way it is.

Be safe and let’s continue to take care of each other.

Nino Nelissen

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