The COVID-19 outbreak has a major impact on living and working in the Netherlands, as well as travelling to-from the Netherlands. Current measurements taken by the Governments are valid until 15 or 20 may 2020, and are subject to change.

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Important websites on health measurements taken: www.rivm.comwww.government.nl

Can I still get a residence permit for the Netherlands?

Depending on your status, you may still be able to get a residence permit. If you travelled with a MVV into the Netherlands for instance. In other cases, you may not be able to collect a residence permit. If you are already in the Netherlands, ensure that you hold proof of legal entry until the IND can handle your request. Contact us for assistance.

My residence permit needs extension, how do I handle this?

You can still extend your residence permit through the IND, pending that you meet all the requirements for an extension. Contact us for assistance.

How are viewings for housing being handled?

Due to the measurements taken by the Government, house viewings are mostly done through videocalls- online. Our consultants will guide you through the process so the home finding process can be done. Contact us for your home finding needs.

How about registrations being handled?

Most townhalls or expat centers do handle request, yet usually only in urgent cases. Opening hours are limited, and mostly appointments will need to be made upfront. Ask us for assistance.

Can I still open a bank account?

Yes you can, banks are able to handle requests online, or have taken other precautions to comply with current safety regulations. Check upfront on procedures and opening hours of banks, as they may be limited.

How about travelling to, from and within the Netherlands?

If you do not hold a valid MVV and you come from outside the EU, you are not allowed to enter the Netherlands until at least 15th of may. People are asked to stay home as much as possible and to avoid unnecessary trips. Leaving the Netherlands: options to travel outside the EU should be checked upfront as entry and/or flights may be limited. Also the options to travel within the EU are limited as countries may have closed the borders for a certain period of time. Ensure to check upfront.

Can I travel with a MVV to the Netherlands?

Yes you can. Note that overseas embassies are closed until further notice, so unless you have an MVV you will not be able to obtain one abroad. Untill at least 15 may there are travel restrictions for people from outside the EU into the EU. See the RIVM website or contact us for 

Can I still move out of the Netherlands as scheduled?

You can usually move out, yet this will also depend on the regulations in the country of destination and the availability of transport to your new residence. Note that moving and/or household goods transit capacity (ocean-road and air) may also be affected. Contact us for latest information and assistance.

What measures have been taken if I fly from a high-risk area?

The following measures apply to incoming passengers from high-risk areas:

A mandatory health certificate (as of April 17, 2020, 6:00 PM). Passengers are urged to quarantine for 14 days.

An EU entry ban for all unnecessary travel of persons from third countries to Europe (all EU Member States, Schengen countries and the UK) until 15 May 2020.

The government has taken these measures to limit the influx of people who may be infected with COVID-19. In addition, we also protect passengers and crew during the flight.

How do I know that I am departing from a high-risk area?

The European aviation organization EASA maintains a list of airports in areas with a high risk of contamination. The mandatory health declaration and two weeks of quarantine apply to passengers departing from airports in the aforementioned countries or regions.

How does the health declaration that I have to fill out before I fly? And who checks the health declaration?

 You will receive a questionnaire from the airline you are flying with. The questionnaire has been drawn up by the GGD and RIVM and must be completed before boarding. Travelers should keep the form with them during the trip. If one of the questions is answered with “yes” on the form, you must be refused by the airline and you cannot travel to the Netherlands.

 You must bring the completed form with you to the Netherlands. At the airport of arrival, random checks are requested to show the health certificate. You will also receive information about the measures in force in the Netherlands.

What does a quarantine mean if I have flown back from a high-risk area?

If you are from a high-risk area, it is urgent to quarantine for 14 days. You will be informed about this by the airline. This means that you may not leave your home or residence for 14 days. It is also urgent to avoid contact with any family members and third parties present. For further questions, please contact your doctor. Airline crew members, medical personnel, seafarers and diplomats are exempt from the quarantine measure.

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