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To do the preparations for my move, what do you need from me?

EMG will guide you through the process. Usually, to start the moving process, we will need information on your family size, and whether you will move from or to a furnished house. Also, we will find out whether there is a limit/ allowance we will have to deal with. 

We will use this primary information to provide you or your employer with a first cost budget. This enhances the speed for your employer and you will only see one moving company during the preparations of your move.

The first budget is usually a maximum cost for your move and provide a comparison between multiple quality certified moving companies. Based on the outcome a pre-move survey will be performed with you. This is usually an in-house survey where we will determine the size of your household.

The survey results will be used to further tune the budget into a fixed cost.

You will be connected to a move coordinator who will do the logistic handling of your move. Our staff will continuously monitor the process to ensure compliance to the agreements made with you and your employer.

What do I need to prepare for the move?

You will be well informed on the paperwork requirements for your move, to ensure a smooth customs process during export and import. Also we will inform you on the insurance arrangement. In preparing your household goods, please ensure you know what you will take and what will stay. The moving company usually provides tools/ stickers etc. so you can easily indicate goods that will stay in the house. Needless to say always ensure valuable items like your passports etc. are kept safe with you, as you do not want to have them shipped in a moving container.

I rather have my pre-move survey done online, is this possible?

Yes, we usually provide multiple options to do your pre-move survey online. Based on your location and type of residence, we will inform you on the specific options.

How long does a move take?

When making the moving arrangements and setting the dates, we already provide you with an expected transittime. Transittimes do vary, bases on the time of the year, and can be influenced by port congestions, customs delays and equipment shortages. As part of our service, you will kept informed on the progress of your move at all times.

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