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How do you select the best moving companies for us?

EMG works with FIDI FAIM agents, companies who work according to the FIDI Professional Guidelines (FPG) .

Companies have been pre-selected and audited by independent auditing firm (EY). This ensures that FIDI companies work to a worldwide common standard for managing and performing international moving services in a uniformed, quality-minded and effective way

For the end-customer, choosing a FAIM certified company gives the person who moves and the HR/ Mobility department who is organising the move, confidence that the company knows the business and has the resources and know-how to do the job properly.

We already do have contracts with a FIDI FAIM certified moving company?

We can take over the sourcing and move management role, including budgeting and auditing process using your existing supplier(s). We can tailor towards the best solution that fits your organization and work with any of the certified moving companies on your behalf. Needless to say we also take full responsibility for the whole process.

What is your value in this process?

Our value is to provide full transparency, both in cost expectations as well as in actual service delivery expectations. As we know the market and the complexity of pricing a move we ensure the move is executed at the right price. For companies, this usually results in reduction of the annual spend of at least 10% while still have a quality move by moving companies happy to serve. Plus it usually saves significant time within the organization.

How do you approach the management of our individual moves?

It all starts with a call with the employee. The employee will be well informed upfront on expectations, as well as moving timelines. We follow all the critical elements in the process to ensure the move has no unforeseen obstacles and in the case of an unexpected event (as an example: port congestion), that these are well communicated with the employee. A move is only successful if it meets or exceeds the expectations of the employee. This will require not only a damage free move that is performed on-time, but also smart and smooth communications and updates throughout the whole process.

The assignee will have a delay on obtaining a house, for instance, how do you handle disruptions?

First of all, communications is key, we will communicate the needs and challenges with the customer and liaise with the parties involved to ensure a solution is proposed. We will look at available options, provide recommendations towards solutions and do whatever is needed to move on. As we take full responsibility, we also manage any escalations. Needless to say we will make sure you are always well informed.

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