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Can EMG help me to find a school for my kids in the Netherlands?

Yes, within our school search program we can advise on different types of school, schedule viewings for you and support with your preferred school’s application.

Does the Netherlands offer the International Baccalaureate?

Yes, there are various international schools that offer the international baccalaureate program (IB). The IB program is set up ensure a smooth transition and continuation of education when moving across the globe. In addition there are several schools that offer the British Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).

I want to send my child to a Dutch school, should they speak Dutch before starting?

The Netherlands offers a solution for international children who need to learn the language first in the shape of a so-called newcomers class or ‘taalklas’. In this class they learn the language next their regular curriculum. Learning a new language is always easier for younger children and therefore the younger your child is, the less impact this will have on their continued education. For older children it sometimes means that they may need to duplicate a year.

I heard international education is really expensive. Is this true ?

There are various options for schooling in the Netherlands that each come with their own price tag. The most expensive schools are private international schools that do not or only partially receive government funding. Then there are Dutch international schools that are typically more affordable but students are expected to attend for a limited time period only and then either move abroad or switch to a local school.

Lastly there are also local schools that offer the Dutch school curriculum in a bilingual fashion, costs for these schools vary.

I need a BSN (unique person identification number), can EMG help me?

Yes we can! In order to obtain a BSN you will need to visit the town hall of the municipality in which you are going to live. We will arrange the appointment for you and advise where to go, what documents you need to bring and the exact format of the documents. It is important that you and every member of your family attend the appointments in person. If you are coming over on a commuter assignment or assignment of less than 4 months you will need to complete a Non-residents registration.

How long does it take before I get my BSN?

Depending on the city that you are going to live in this can take up to four weeks. However in most larger cities (e.g., Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Eindhoven, Maastricht) there is a so-called expat center where the registration is processed on the same day and you receive your BSN during the appointment.

I have lived in the Netherlands before, is my BSN still valid?

Your BSN is yours for the rest of your life. When moving abroad and returning to the Netherlands all you need to do is re-register and your BSN will remain the same.

Do I have any responsibilities once I am registered at the town hall?

Yes, anyone who is living in the Netherlands must get registered at the town hall and as a result has a number of rights and obligations. You will need to take out a local health insurance, pay municipal and water taxes and it is very likely that you’ll need to pay income taxes.

I am leaving the Netherlands, what formalities do I need to take care of?

You will need to deregister from the municipality. The best is to visit the town hall in person and ask for a proof of deregistration. Furthermore, if you have a visa, remember to return your residence permit to the IND, your employer should register your departure with the IND as well.

Do you have a list of things I need to take care of when leaving the Netherlands?

The list of things that will need to be closed down can be endless, a very practical starting point is to have a look at your bank account and see what payments have been going out and keep an eye on your mailbox for any mail that has been coming in.

Below is a list of categories you can use, naturally EMG can also help you with your departure from the Netherlands and take care of these things for you.

– Formal deregistration at town hall and returning your residence permit
– House termination; including lease cancellation, closure of utilities, phone, internet and service contracts.
– Benefits; if you receive day care support, child benefit or other benefits from the tax office ‘toeslagen’ department you will need to stop these payments
– School and day care; inform them well in advance and collect school reports
– Health care providers; request a copy of your medical records to take home with you.
– Banking and insurances; including health insurance, these will need to be cancelled, note that sometimes it can be practical to keep your bank account running for a while but do report your new address
– Memberships and subscriptions; for example public transport, sports, hobbies, newspapers and subscriptions for automated delivery of contact lenses, coffee etc.

I heard landlords always keep 50% of the deposit. Is this true ?

Of course you will also have a few landlords who are genuinely unpleasant, but in the majority of cases you will be able to retrieve your deposit. The best way to do this is to, first inform your landlord well in time (check your lease agreement for the how and when), then schedule a pre-inspection to agree on the delivery of the house, and finally schedule a final hand-over inspection. EMG can support you already from the check-in process, also to ensure proper documentation which will avoid certain discussion when checking out.

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