for employees of TNT Nederland B.V.

    Your employer, TNT Nederland BV, has asked us to support you with the application for the Dutch 30% tax benefit. Please, carefully read the email by which the link to this questionnaire was sent to you.

    The following documents will need to be available on your computer in an electronic version. Multiple page documents need to be merged in one file, prferably pfd format. You will be prompted when to upload them. If you do not have all the documents available we will take care of completion afterwards. However, filing of the application might be delayed.

    The documents you will need - if applicable - are :

    • a resume of yourself, showing details of your education, work experience and specific skills
    • a copy of your employment agreement, secondment or assignment letter, signed by yourself as well as TNT Nederland BV
    • The fully signed enclosure 1 (authorization agreement) as attached to the email
      The fully signed enclosure 2 (supplement to the employment agreement) as attached to the email
    • a description of your position at TNT Nederland BV
    • a copy of both sides of your residence permit in case you are a non-EU citizen
    • former Dutch 30% ruling grant letters
    • copy of your master diploma

  • The employer information is :

    1. Name : TNT Nederland BV
    2. Address : Taurusavenue 111
    3. ZIP code and City : 2132 LS Hoofddorp
    4. Tax number : 806.967.420 L 01
    5. Sector Code : 45