Each of our service packages will comprise of a mix of the following services best suited to the needs of your enterprise:

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Mobility Consultation

International operations is an attractive prospect to many organisations. Our vast experience with and in internationally operating companies uniquely positions us to comprehensively guide your business through the global possibilities. Your available options will be represented in a structured mobility briefing, together with documentation.

Mobility Management

Having ascertained the specific requirements of your company, Executive Mobility Group will select from our trusted international partners, the most suitable experts to facilitate a seamless transition for your company and/or your personnel. Allowing us to manage all aspects of your expansion is the most cost effective and hassle-free approach to international corporate mobility.

Tax Services

Each jurisdiction presents its own complex issues when it comes to effective tax management. Our tested international network of financial professionals ensures that each and every one of our clients can be confident that their tax affairs are handled professionally regardless of the jurisdiction.

Immigration Services

In order to protect domestic employment, each country has its own stringent immigration requirements which must be met before a non-native employee can commence working. At Executive Mobility Group, our in-house expertise makes us second to none when it comes to Dutch immigration law. As a result, we can have your employees working in The Netherlands within six to eight weeks, even if your company is not formally registered yet prior to your company’s formal registration. We require this same level of experience and professionalism from our international partnerships, ensuring our clients a quick and efficient navigation of immigration requirements regardless of the jurisdiction.

Relocation Services

We understand the tension between the interests of the company and those of the individual. Where the company wants the employee to hit the ground running, they are occupied by numerous practicalities when relocating to a new country. We release them from these worries and manage any and all tasks related to adapting to a new environment. This includes finding the right home in the right neighbourhood to suit the employee and their family, with all appropriate amenities and facilities. We also manage practicalities such as facilitating furniture moves, organising utilities, or even just helping you get acquainted with the culture. Our trusted network ensures that we facilitate a seamless move for our clients, wherever the destination.

Global HR & Mobility Market Updates

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Due to worldwide lockdowns, immigration- and service limitations at Government agencies etc. service delivery options may be altered or delayed.

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