How to obtain a Digital COVID Certificate if I received my vaccination abroad?

It is required to use a coronavirus “pass” (QR code on paper or on your mobile phone) since September 25 as Dutch government stated.

If you get vaccinated abroad (i.e. not through the Dutch vaccination program), you can still apply for a COVID Digital Certificate (DCC) or QR Code as follows:

Vaccinations administered by authorities in another EU member state

If you have been vaccinated as an EU citizen within the European Union, you can get a DCC/QR code from the country in which you were vaccinated. It is relevant in the Netherlands.

Vaccinations administered in a third (non-EU) country

If you live in the Netherlands and have been vaccinated with an EMA or WHO approved vaccine in a third (non-EU) country, you will be able to receive a DCC/QR code in the Netherlands, in case you can provide a certified vaccination certificate from your vaccination provider.

In order to register your vaccination, you will need to make an appointment by calling +31 (0) 30 800 2899. Then you will have to pick up the DCC at the GGD (Local Health Service) in Utrecht or Groningen.

Vaccinations received in a third (non-EU) country without proof of vaccination

You cannot apply for a vaccination certificate in the Netherlands. You can get DCC/QR code with a test certificate or recovery certificate.

Read more about Requirements for proof of vaccination issued outside the EU on government.nl

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