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Expatriate Management outsourcing

Many of our clients choose to outsource the management of their assignees to our organization. Key drivers can be – professional and streamlined service delivery to internal customers, improved cost management, risk management, and process optimisation, among others. At Executive Mobility Group, we have assisted a number of our current clients by assuming the responsibilities of their internal HR professionals, and we have also successfully supported a number of companies in their preference to outsource their international mobility processes, facilitating their entry to various markets. While cost management has traditionally been the greatest incentive for outsourcing, the clarity of our service level agreements and our reputation for implementing a smooth transition is attracting a wider range of organisations to outsourced expat-management. Reasons for outsourcing were historically found in cost management. Nowadays, a clear service level agreement described the mutual responsibilities and objectives to ensure a smooth transition and a clear communication.

Global tax consulting

We are well positioned to provide comprehensive tax consultancy for jurisdictions throughout the world. For one fast growing technology firm, we assisted in the design and implementation of a compensation and benefits policy, navigating tax regulations in 50+ countries.

International expansion services

Companies that are expanding internationally often need assistance in establishing their international presence. We offer services in:

Together with our partners, we can assist in establishing corporate tax strategies, as well as the implementation of the company’s record keeping systems.

Global contractors

Contractors that wish to work in certain countries often require a sponsor in order to obtain a work permit or residence permit. We assist in arranging sponsorship by either ourselves, or third parties.

HR support

Our team includes many experienced HR professionals. We provide numerous companies with ‘feet on the ground’ HR support including policy design, implementation, and optimization.


We offer tailor-made, bespoke training services to our clients designed to meet the specific requirements of the participants. Some examples are- creating a global awareness of issues, relevant to employing staff internationally, trainings on cost reduction for reducing cost of international assignments, and trainings on improving organizational compliance., etc. Additionally, in cooperation with a Dutch publishing company, we produce the most extensive mobility management training manual in the Dutch market.

Privacy Legislation Audits

The increasingly globalized economy, expanding operation scorporate consolidation and expansion throughout the world, as well as the exploding importance pervasiveness of technology, have lead to far-reaching widespread compliance risks with respect to legislation on the privacy and protection of personal data. Recently, the EU directive 2016/679 and the US Privacy Shield were implemented. Executive Mobility Group offers an auditing tool to asses to what extent compliance has been achieved by your organization. Our experts can then advise on the indispensable activities and required agreements to prevent towering governmental fines, take the necessary steps to implement the necessary measures to achieve compliance, and more importantly, avoid substantial fines.

Basic housing searches

Housing is a primary need for international employees. Modern multi-national employers require a no-nonsense solution to meet the housing needs of their employees. We have developed a simple tech-solution to facilitate the search for accommodation for international personnel. Employers desire a simple, common sense approach towards housing. To meet the needs of specific groups of international employees we developed a specific no nonsense home search support where technology assists the employee in finding the perfect home for his stay. Executive Mobility Group has successfully introduced an online housing search tool that offers an ideal and cost effective support in searching suitable housing. This tool encompasses a modular system with basic (online) assistance and additional optional services and is guided by one of our experienced housing specialists.

Expatriate policy review

Expatriate policies often struggle to keep up with the accelerating developments of the world and the changing desires of the employee population. Executive Mobility Group offers a comprehensive checklist on all issues relating to the expansion and diversification of international mobility. Based on this checklist and in compliance with relevant legislation, our experts advise on policy amendments and supporting documents. These may include host labor agreements, residual home labor agreements, service level agreements between host and home company, as well as data processing agreements.

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Lockdown and Tax

Nowadays, in the COVID-19 crisis, many of us live in Lockdown or something very similar. In any way, we are restricted in our travel. Many want to leave their homes but cannot.

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