Power of Attorney Policy Update- USA

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The United States of America, under the administration of President Trump, has decided to reverse the Power of Attorney policy for filings, which may affect certain employers. Effective 17 March 2018, USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) will no longer accept anything other than a handwritten signature on documents such as applications, petitions, requests and others. Signatures that have been created by typewriters, word processors, stamps, or auto-pen devices will also not be accepted from the March date onward.

Global HR & Mobility Market Updates

Meet the Founder of EMG – Global mobility service provider in Amsterdam

An interview: Nino Nelissen, owner of Executive Mobility Group

Hi Nino, welcome. Can you introduce yourself?
I am Nino Nelissen, sole founder and owner of EMG.

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The Latest News on Taxation, Immigration System and Time-Keeping via Spreadsheet

– South Africa’s new expat tax and what it means for double taxation
– Trump is delivering on his promise to fix broken immigration system
– Quebec imposing values test for new immigrants

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