Temporary Law in Progress to Support Tenants with a Lease during Corona-Crisis

The proposal is to support those people whose  temporary lease contract is ending between April 1and June 30 2020

The ministry of internal affairs has sent a proposal to the Dutch house of representatives to support tenants with a short term lease that will be ending in the upcoming months.

A popular lease type in the Netherlands is that of the short term lease contracts that have a maximum duration of two years. At the end of the two years, these type of contracts normally need to be dissolved or they get extended for an unlimited duration of time. The latter being unfavourable to landlords as tenants then get to decide for how long they will stay.

As a result of the measures taken against the Coronavirus people are now fearing they may not be able to find a new house while they need to leave their current home as landlords do not want to risk having to extend a lease contract for an indefinite term. The ministry of internal affairs is therefore working on a temporary law to help these tenants in a time of crisis. The proposal is to support those people whose  temporary lease contract is ending between April 1st and June 30th 2020. Tenants will have the option to ask their landlord for a one time extension of a maximum duration of three months and the latest until September 30th.

The law will not apply in case the landlord had already made agreements for selling, renovating or demolishing the property prior to April 1st. This is also the case when the landlord wants to move back into the property himself, or in case the tenant is not behaving like a good tenant. Should the crisis continue then the law may be extended.

The law is currently under review and we expect an update in the upcoming days.

Joyce Hofman
Relocation Manager

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