The Entry Bans/Restrictions Apply for the Netherlands

Entry bans

Most non-EU nationals are banned from entering Schengen Area member countries or Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania for a 30-day period (with the possibility of an extension). Entry remains permitted for EU nationals, UK nationals, nationals of Schengen-associated countries (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland) and their family members, EU long term residence permit holders, those holding other types of EU or national residence permits or long-term visas, among others. There may be some variances on the implementation of these measures among EU countries.

Immigration Authority (IND) desks and Expatcenters offer limited services up to at least April 6, 2020:

  • Schengen visa extensions;
  • Return visas;
  • Residence endorsement stickers;
  • EU family member applications, among limited others.

Immigration processing continues. Applicants are advised to check the IND website before visiting. For more information, see the IND website and the Expatcenter Amsterdam website.

Assignees and their family members who cannot travel to the Netherlands within three months after collecting their MVV will need to contact the IND and request to have the MVV re-issued.

Assignees and their family members who cannot travel to the Netherlands to collect their MVV will need to contact the IND and request to have the MVV re-issued.

Town Halls remain open for urgent appointments (no strict definition of urgent) but request that anyone showing symptoms of the virus not to come.

Short-term work permit holders who do not use it within four weeks, even due to travel restrictions, must inform the UWV.


Dutch nationals stuck abroad can request to repatriate here.

Assignees who cannot collect the MVV on time (within three months after approval) must contact the Dutch representation and indicate this. The Embassy may then extend the possible collection time for another three months.

For Residence Permit or work authorization stickers that cannot be collected in person, foreign national can perform work based on the approval letter.

The above is subject to change.

Contact us to be updated on the latest changes and further assistance.

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