Three in 10 Expatriate Employees Say Wages Have a Positive Impact on Wellbeing

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28% expatriate employees have found that wage levels have a positive impact on their wellbeing

The international workforce wellbeing survey 2019, which canvassed the views of 2,000 expat employees across 10 countries, further found that 21% believe that corporate culture negatively affects their wellbeing, while 13% stated that working practices can have a detrimental impact. Only 3% of respondents stated that corporate culture had improved their overall wellbeing.

Around one-fifth (20%) of respondents noted that they have found there to be a positive attitude in their new home country around flexible working, while approximately 18% believe there is a supportive culture around achieving work-life balance. However, 23% think that equality is viewed negatively.

More than two-thirds (69%) of expat employees have private health insurance through work or as part of a family member’s plan; only 21% pay for their own individual plan. A further 21% of expats have travelled outside of their host country for healthcare treatment.

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