UK firms to enter into customs system for post-hard-Brexit trading

For businesses to automatically or voluntarily enroll with into EORI registration, there is a need for companies to have training in vital export skills. These trainings include completing customs declarations, working with customs agents, measuring their goods for shipment and decreasing chances of delays at the border during what could be a hard period for the U.K.’s harbours. Registered businesses without a VAT number will still have to apply by themselves.

EORI number for Post-Brexit trading

Only 72,000 companies have signed up for an EORI number so far, but the auto-enrolment will see at least another 88,000 more firms getting an I.D.

Last month £2.1billion of the fund was allocated for state departments to prepare for no-deal or hard Brexit. This means a doubling of the Brexit fund for the year.

Madeleine Sumption of the University of Oxford’s Migration Observatory said that the data tended to a return to pre-financial crisis trend in European Union migration. Departures of European Union residents currently residing in Britain looked unlikely.

“There is no time for further delay. This is why HMRC has allocated thousands of firms with a trading number to secure they can continue to sell their goods into Europe from the first day”, Javid said.

Hopefully easing the flow of goods at border points and support businesses to trade and grow. Another 63,000 have expressed interest in the 31st October party at Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands. Overnight, small business exporters will have to contend with growth blunting tariffs and time-consuming customs declarations.

Only half of the companies obliged have signed up to sign up to the economic administrator registration and identification (EORI) number. It is leading to raising concerns about disturbances in trading in the event of a no-deal departure from the Eurozone.

Non-EU migration and the end of free movement for E.U. citizens

The ONS also recognised non-EU migration numbers were over-estimated.

Although this was a positive report for businesses in the short term, Davies said the intended start of new migration limitations following Brexit would change the inflow of new labour particularly after the government declared earlier this week the likely end of free movement for European Union residents without any transition period on 31 October.

“Assigning EORI numbers is only a primary step”.

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