Updated Salary Thresholds for Visa Holders in New Zealand

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As of 15 January 2018, the salary thresholds for Essential Skills visas have changed. The changes made are below.

  • Visa applicants for the Essential Skills visa that earn less than NZD 20.65 per hour will only be eligible for a 12 month work visa. After three work visas, applicants must leave the country for at least 12 months and they may not have a dependent partner or children while in New Zealand.
  • Those that are under the Essential Skills visa that earn between NZD 20.65 and NZD 36.44 per hour, with an ANZSCO skill level of 4 or 5, will have the same implications as those earning under NZD 20.65.
  • Applicants that earn between NZD 20.65 and NZD 36.44 that have an ANZSCO skill level of 1, 2, or 3 will still be able to obtain three year work visas, will be able to renew these visas every three years, and may support a dependent partner and/or child.
  • Applicants that earn more than NZD 36.44 will be able to receive a five year visa with the ability to renew and support dependent partner/children.

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