What happened last week. Trends in the Global HR & Mobility Market

Executive Mobility group keeps a close eye on all trends concerning the market of Global HR & Mobile Workforce challenges. We’d like to report on the following key updates:

United States: President Trump Proposes Merit-Based Immigration Plan

An immigration plan was suggested by President Trump on May 16, 2019. This plan puts the emphasis on merit-based approach for welcoming well-educated and experienced immigrants.

Trump announced that the biggest challenge will be to grow the number of highly educated expats from 12 to 57 percent. But the President also underlined that according to the plan the number of green cards assigned every year will not be changed, though the rules for entering the United States will be simplified.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and minority leader in the Senate Chuck Schumer reacted to the proposal negatively, saying the plan is “dead on arrival” and “anti-immigration reform”.

Details: Video and transcript.

Belgium drafted a tax law for UK commuters impacted by the Brexit

“Ensuring that taxpayers do not suffer the immediate consequences of the failure of negotiations on a Brexit agreement”

A draft law that would treat the UK temporary as a member of the European Union for Belgian tax purposes has been approved by the Belgium Council of Ministers. The law would come into force should the UK leave the EU having failed to agree any withdrawal arrangement.

“In order to ensure that taxpayers do not suffer the immediate consequences of the failure of negotiations on a Brexit agreement, a transitional period will be introduced allowing the United Kingdom to be considered as still part of the European Union for the purpose of application of tax provisions,” said an official statement published by the Council of Ministers.

The 1992 Income Tax Code; the Code of inheritance tax; the Registration, Mortgage and Registry Fees Code; and the Miscellaneous Fees and Taxes Code, are part of the Tax legislation that will be addressed by this Brexit transitional law.

The period for this transitional law would conclude December 31, 2019. Though could be extended for an indefinite period by Royal decree following a review by the Council of Ministers.

However, the statement concluded that the transitional regime will apply only to the extent that reciprocity exists on the part of the United Kingdom.

Treaty between Ireland and Netherlands – negotiations concluded

An update published by the Irish tax autorities on 17th May 2019 states that a tax treaty between Ireland and the Netherlands has been Concluded. After signing, enforcement and made effective, the new treaty will replace the treaty signed in 1969. Further developments and changes ahead will be reported as they will become clear.

Finding an apartment in the Netherlands can be a daunting business

A beautiful apartment in a central location, for a good price and provided with all comforts. This sounds too beautiful to be true for those in search… And sometimes it turns out to be exactly that. The fraude helpdesk of the dutch ‘Woonbond’ is stressing those in search of a living space to be alert. Fraudulent services or fake rental service websites are on the rise.


“just like a house, our tax system requires constant maintenance. Every now and then it is also necessary to modernize more thoroughly.”

Netherlands starts Reassessment of its Entire Tax System

April 15, 2019, the Netherlands Ministry of Finance announced a major review and potential overhaul of the tax systems in the country, which will aim to deliver proposals by 2020.

Six independent investigations of various aspects of the current system will be planned. The six initiatives will assess digital taxation, the corporate tax, taxation of capital income, environmental taxes, targeting simplification measures, and the current tax mix, including its distributive effects

The intent is to provide an in depth examination of all aspects of the tax system. The State Secretary for Finance said that “just like a house, our tax system requires constant maintenance. Every now and then it is also necessary to modernize more thoroughly.”


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Global HR & Mobility Market Updates

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The Latest News on Canadian Visa Program, US Election and Covid-19

– Canadian visa program may lure tech workers blocked by Trump
– A top immigrant advocate on the US election
– COVID-19: Dutch State Secretary Extends Reporting Deadlines

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The Latest News on COVID-19, Skill Gaps and American Workers

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– Employees Look to HR to Evaluate COVID-19 Data Before Reopening
– Judge Rules U.S. Companies Can Be Sued for Preferring U.S. Workers

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