Personal Effects Removals

Removal of household goods is usually expensive and moreover an emotional experience. We take the complexity out of the global relocation of your assets with clear and case-related pricing. Without surprises afterwards.

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We manage the exclusions. Provide a transparent and flexible approach to ensure a perfect fit for your personal situation.

EMG has extensive knowledge of how to deal with the international and domestic removal market, its ever-changing and challenging pricing dynamics, its logistic challenges and capabilities. 

And how does this work?

We will select and can procure the best available partners for a particular market. The partners we select are fully quality (FIDI FAIM or similar) certified, ensuring compliance with the highest possible rulings and standards for moving of household goods.

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Global HR & Mobility Market Updates

The latest global mobility: #alsjeblieftnederland, Brexit limits are hitting business hard, three months after Brexit

A group of internationals living in the Netherlands have launched a campaign named #alsjeblieftnederland. Urging the Dutch government and the EU to lift coronavirus travel limitations for family members living outside the

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Are GRIN mutations rare?

March is Grin awareness month. EMG has taken its responsibility in funding research and made support available to GRIN patient and their parents. Why we choose this particular area to

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March is GRIN awareness month. EMG participates!

At EMG, we want to make a difference – not just for clients but also for the community. We have chosen to dedicate time and resources to raise awareness for

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