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EMG can set up and maintain the payroll for companies who have chosen to (partly) outsource the payrolling function to a third party and/or instruct the company’s payroll department.

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We ensure that the payroll of companies employing workers operating cross-border is accurate and compliant.

EMG’s service offerings include the following:

In case the foreign employer has no legal entity in The Netherlands yet that is allowed to act as employer, EMG offers the Employment Service. This service can also be entered in case the foreign employer already has an entity in The Netherlands but is not (yet) recognized as sponsor for the knowledge migrant visa for non-EU nationals (see immigration services). In such cases EMG offers the possibility to act as formal employer and second the employee to his actual working location, including salary pay, payment of wage taxes and contributions to social security etc.

We assist both companies with a more straightforward (domestic) payroll as well as internationally operating companies employing employees globally.

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