Good News Update: Due to Cues at the IND knowledge migrants are allowed to start work.

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With the current pressure on the relocation market which resulted in the current difficulties at the IND offices with getting any appointments, the IND allows for some flexibility regarding the requirements to obtain the document and/or sticker to be able to work and/or start one’s assignment.

With the longer waiting times at the IND counters, the foreign national may temporarily, from the date of the approval letter (notification), already perform work as a KM (Knowledge migrants) for a maximum period of 4 months. The foreign national may do this without being in possession of a residence document or a residence endorsement sticker. The condition is that as soon as possible, but in any case within 2 weeks after receipt of the notification, an appointment is or has been made or at an IND desk or Expat Center for the collection of biometrics and/or the collection of a residence document “Work as Highly Skilled Migrant”.

During an inspection, the foreign national must show the following:

  • The notification letter and
  • The IND appointment confirmation for taking biometrics or
  • The IND appointment confirmation for collecting the residence document.