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Corporate and Personnel Mobility

In an increasingly globalised economy, innovative companies are benefitting greatly by expanding their operations throughout the world. An internationally diversified marketplace not only greatly expands the potential for profit and growth, but it also fortifies companies against the economic fluctuations of any single jurisdiction.

At Executive Mobility Group, we know that for your company to thrive, you need to focus on what you do best: providing the best possible product or service. What we do best is facilitating the human resource element of the expansion of your expertise into new marketplaces.

From the moment an organisation considers entering a new market, Executive Mobility Group is on hand to provide professional consultation and guidance to your global mobility workforce by working in concert with our network of international specialists to quickly and easily navigate the bureaucratic, legislative and financial obstacles, regardless of the jurisdiction.

Whether you want to enter new markets, or facilitate the movement of personnel worldwide, Executive Mobility Group provides a comprehensive solution at a competitive rate.


A Moving Experience: Like all businesses, we have competitors. Our strength is reflected in an independent and integrated aproach.



Each of our service packages will comprise of a mix of the following services best suited to the needs of your enterprise:


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