What we do

EMG sets the new standard for Global Mobility. From connecting companies to international professionals to navigating the complex maze of bureaucracy, legislation, international tax, immigration, relocation. We provide all the required specialities under one roof.

The future is now.

For more than 15 years we have been a trusted partner of many companies and government agencies. At the same time we keep on developing and innovating to bring people and solutions closer together in a fast changing business world. Our passionate and experienced team masters all the aspects of Global Mobility and delivers a complete package. 

We believe that your company needs to operate global to secure its future. We are here for that transition. The time is now.

“ What is a complex maze of laws and regulations for others is familiar territory for us, through which we guide both the company and their new talents in all phases of the process.”
Nino Nelissen

The shrinking labour market

Challenges in the labor market now and in the near future are forcing companies to look more and more at the global domain. That’s our territory. We help companies to become an international player. So that it is no longer a question of whether to enter the international market, but rather where, when and how quickly it can solve your capacity demand. Ready for that step?

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Beyond borders, make the world your playground

Nathalie Crivello

Client Solution Manager | MIM certified

Our mission is to help your business grow through becoming global. Reach out with any questions you have!

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