March is GRIN awareness month. EMG participates!

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At EMG, we want to make a difference – not just for clients but also for the community. We have chosen to dedicate time and resources to raise awareness for those lives affected by a GRIN disorder. We do that by donating funds to research and allocating time to provide support and information to those affected.

GRIN disorders are rare genetic conditions with severe life-limiting consequences. Many GRIN patients are non-verbal, unable to walk, and many cannot feed or toilet themselves. They often suffer severe and frequent seizures that do not respond to medical therapies.

For many years, our founder and CEO Nino Nelissen has contributed to increasing the knowledge of GRIN disorder and supporting the efforts of finding a cure for GRIN disorder.
Nino wants to raise awareness of diseases and functional disorders that are lesser-known to the public yet have a severe impact on the patients’ quality of life and their families.

Nino: “We selected this rare disease as an area where we support patients, parents and researchers to create the best lives possible for these patients.”

Traditionally, March is GRIN awareness month. We want to take this opportunity to tell you more about our motivation and our work this month. Stay tuned!

Want to learn more about GRIN disorder?

We have a limited amount of ‘stories of GRIN’ books available to distribute for free. Please send us a message when you would like to receive the book, including your full address.

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