GRIN Disorder Awareness Month

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Get ready for GRIN Disorder Awareness Month in March. EMG together with CureGRINGrin2b, and GRIN parent support groups and associations are partnering in a month-long campaign for all GRIN Disorders. We will be dedicating one week to each of the GRIN Genes variants (GRIN1, GRIN2A, GRIN2B, GRIN2D) for one week.


We will kick of the month on Saturday, Feb. 29 (Rare Disease Day) with the following schedule:  

  • February 29 – March 1: Campaign kickoff   
  • Week 1: March 2-8 GRIN1 Awareness  
  • Week 2: March 9-15 GRIN2A Awareness  
  • Week 3: March 16-22 GRIN2B Awareness  
  • Week 4: March 23-29 GRIN2D Awareness  
  • March 30 – 31 Campaign Wrap-up 


GRIN2B is not the name of a disease or disorder, but is the name of a gene located on the 12th chromosome. Its function is to encode a protein that forms a receptor responsible for sending chemical messages to the brain. A variation on the GRIN2B gene means that some portion of this specific genetic code either got deleted, duplicated or rearranged. As of 2018, changes to the GRIN2B gene are now being referred to as GRIN2B-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder.

During the month of March, GRIN2B Foundation will share facts and common symptoms of this rare disorder on social media pages in an attempt to educate our community and the broader public.

Get involved

  • In early March, check Facebook for GRIN2B Awareness frame to add to your Facebook profile picture. Go to www.facebook.com/profilepicframes and search GRIN2B.
  • Give a talk at your church, school or community center. Download GRIN2B Awareness Google Slide presentation for elementary school children and modify it for your own child!
  • Reach out to your local media to educate people about GRIN2B-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder.

Read more on http://grin2b.com/awareness/