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EMG is setting a new standard for Global Mobility. From navigating through the complex maze of bureaucracy, legislation, international tax, immigration, relocation. We provide all the required specialities under one roof.

Expertise in Sponsorship & HR Guidance for Knowledge Migrants

Comprehensive Employee Relocation Assistance for Knowledge Migrants

Compliance Assurance & Tax Expertise

Expertise in Sponsorship & HR Guidance for Knowledge Migrants

Leverage our comprehensive services to streamline the employment process for knowledge migrants and ensure regulatory compliance in the Netherlands.

Our Sponsorship & HR Guidance services are designed to help companies navigate the complexities of becoming a recognized sponsor, maintaining compliance, and ensuring seamless onboarding of talented professionals from around the world.

With a team of experts in global mobility, HR advisory, and employer of record services, EMG is uniquely positioned to support businesses in achieving their goals while minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing personalized support to our clients while staying up to date on changing regulations.

Comprehensive Employee Relocation Assistance for Knowledge Migrants

Ensure a smooth transition for your international talent with our end-to-end relocation support and personalized services tailored to their unique needs.

EMG’s Employee Relocation Assistance services are designed to facilitate a seamless relocation experience for knowledge migrants and their families. Our comprehensive suite of services addresses every aspect of the relocation process, from immigration and housing to settling in and ongoing support.

With a team of experienced relocation consultants, EMG is dedicated to providing personalized solutions that help your international talent quickly adapt to their new environment, allowing them to focus on their professional contributions to your organization.

Compliance Assurance & Tax Expertise

Safeguard your organization’s compliance with government requirements for sponsoring knowledge migrants while receiving expert advice on taxes and security.

Compliance Assurance

EMG’s Compliance Assurance services are specifically designed to support companies in maintaining compliance with government requirements for sponsoring knowledge migrants. Our experienced team of professionals is adept at ensuring your organization remains compliant with evolving regulations, allowing you to concentrate on attracting and retaining top global talent.

With a proactive approach and deep industry knowledge, we’re committed to helping your organization navigate the complexities of compliance. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind and allow you to focus on your core business operations.

Tax Expertise

Our Tax Expertise services offer comprehensive advice on taxes and security. Our team of tax professionals is dedicated to optimizing your tax strategies and safeguarding your business. We understand the intricacies of global tax regulations and are well-equipped to advise your organization on the best practices to optimize your tax position and protect your business interests.

Leveraging our industry knowledge and expertise, EMG can help your organization navigate the complexities of global taxation, ensuring that you are well-positioned to achieve your business goals.

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