Our story

We have decades of experience in the Global Mobility industry and are always looking for new ideas and solutions. After all, the Global Mobility landscape is constantly changing and new challenges are always on the horizon.


EMG’s foundation was laid down by Nino Nelissen. Nino has been at the forefront of the global mobility market for over 26 years. First as part of another organization, though he soon realized that services should be at another level. The foundation of EMG is this passion for continuous improvement, change and innovation.

We offer an optimal mix between standard services and customization, look beyond the boundaries of different fields and always create thé optimal translation from problems and obstacles into solutions. We have a large network which can implement the strategy that we offer organizations. With our holistic view on Global Mobility and entrepreneurship, we are key in successful immigrations.

“In our industry we are ‘forced’ to constantly innovate. You can’t sit still, but that’s what makes our work so interesting.”
Nathalie Crivello

It is impossible to not move in the mobility industry, but that is exactly what makes our work so interesting. And so valuable for our customers for whom it is difficult or almost impossible – and not their core business – to always be up to date. Our ingenuity and solution-oriented approach are our strength, as well as making very practical and creative connections. In an ever-expanding global village and an ever-increasing exchange of experienced professionals and new talents between countries, we are always expanding and renewing our knowledge.

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Our Team

Bas Hoepelman

Joyce Hofman

Maria Indriastuti Tjahyono

Matheus Cavalcante

Max Gorissen

Monika Voster

Nathalie Crivello

Nino Nelissen

Romy Duijn

Susan van Haperen

Sue-Gin Arends

Wendy Cheng

San-Mari Louw

Quality Achievement

We’re proud to announce that EMG has received the EURA Quality Seal. This means we meet the top standards set by the European Relocation Association for moving services. This award proves our commitment to delivering the best service to our customers.