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Recognized Sponsorship

Become a recognized sponsor with our comprehensive guidance, ensuring a smooth process and ongoing compliance with government regulations. Our experienced team will help you prepare and submit your application, keeping you informed throughout the process. As a recognized sponsor, you’ll enjoy expedited immigration procedures and less paperwork, empowering you to attract top global talent more efficiently.

Becoming a recognized sponsor comes with inherent obligations and responsibilities. At EMG, we fully acknowledge that compliance with all the rules and regulations set by the IND for recognized sponsors is not just an expectation, but a necessity. We offer assistance not just in achieving recognized sponsor status, but also in meeting these obligations and maintaining your status.

Our experts continuously monitor changes in regulations and provide proactive updates, ensuring your company remains compliant with evolving requirements. Trust EMG to help you maintain your recognized sponsor status, navigating the complexities of compliance so you can focus on attracting global talent.

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