EU Blue Card Holders Update

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EU Update

As of 1 April 2018, EU blue card holders join Highly Skilled Migrants in the list of residents allowed a 3 month search period after premature termination of their employment agreement. This applies regardless of the reason for termination and is not allowed to exceed the validity period of their residence permit.

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Global HR & Mobility Market Updates

Meet the Founder of EMG – Global mobility service provider in Amsterdam

An interview: Nino Nelissen, owner of Executive Mobility Group

Hi Nino, welcome. Can you introduce yourself?
I am Nino Nelissen, sole founder and owner of EMG.

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The Latest News on Taxation, Immigration System and Time-Keeping via Spreadsheet

– South Africa’s new expat tax and what it means for double taxation
– Trump is delivering on his promise to fix broken immigration system
– Quebec imposing values test for new immigrants

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